Friday, 20 July 2012

Wax Dolls

From the publication of the group show Concrete Mirrors in Crypt Gallery
15 August-22 August 2012, London


The sculptures here exhibited are the first of the Anorexeneia series, the new project of Olympia Polymeni.
Anorexia, whose Greek etymology means “without desire”, brings people to exercise control over their own body shape in the quest of an ideal beauty.
However, while this is meant by the person affected by the illness as a way to sculpt his/ her own body in a perfect shape, the results are emaciated and gaunt bodies unable to sustain themselves. This shift of perception is here re-proposed by the artist, as she uses her on-going interest on the female body and its depiction to move the artistic discourse toward the political situation of her own home country, Greece.
Through a sophisticate name game, not understandable by the non-natives, the waxes are linked  to the Elgin marbles, object of an international dispute between Greece and UK, and  in fact known by the Greek people as Elgineia ( “of Elgin”).

If seen as devoid of any human shape, the waxes recall the formal beauty of Hellenic classical sculptures, with clean lines and exquisite draperies.
On the opposite, the warmth and smoothness of the wax and its off whitish colours hint also to the frailty of bones that doesn’t receive enough food sustainment to be as hard and strong as they are supposed to.
 Preying its own flesh, in the research of its ancient beauty and strength, Greece suffers the outburst of a deadly sickness and needs stronger bones to get through this challenging period.

Text by SILVIA CASO, independent curator, London

The Crypt Gallery, St. Pancras Church
Installation view

Photographs by Antonella Ferrari 



Thursday, 5 July 2012

Ort Gallery Poster

Ort Gallery

Supporting emerging artists in Birmingham

Ort Gallery is a new gallery in Balsall Heath, an underprivileged neighbourhood in Birmingham. Ort Gallery’s aim is to showcase artwork from emerging artists, promote West-Midlands based artists and bring high quality art to the local area without the heavy price tag. Ort Gallery will sell cheap poster prints made exclusively for the gallery by the artists and allow the artists to earn an income and the buyers to invest in local talent. Furthermore the gallery will provide the local community with workshops and art related events. The entry to Ort Gallery will be free of charge and for workshops only a small fee will be charged. The workshops will allow for encounters between the local community and people attracted by the events.

This new project will bring quality art to a neighbourhood that is lacking cultural events that are questioning the local politics, the economic situation and the multiculturalism found in Birmingham. Josephine Reichert will run the gallery with the help of volunteer invigilators, made up partly of exhibiting artists.