Monday, 17 October 2011

F******* Puzzle 3


Photo 1: Anna Maria Maiolino, still image from the performance Entervidas (Between Lives), 1981/2011
Photo 2: Sylvie Fleury, still image from the video Here Comes Santa, 2003

Entervidas (Between Lives) was made in 1981, as the military dictatorship in Brazil was collapsing. At a time when a return to democracy had become of glimmer of hope, Maiolino wrote: ‘I use the simplicity of the egg, the archetype par excellence of life, to talk about life. How it resists, despite everything’. This was a time of regime change when the Brazilian people were literary ‘stepping on eggshells’. Part of the performance involved placing eggs outside in the street and walking between them. There is already a precarious tension between the scattered arrangement and the vulnerability of the eggs. (Briony Fer, Precarious Fields, Camden Arts Centre)

Here Comes Santa (2003) is a video. The camera focuses on a pair of lean, female legs in delicate high heels walking across a red carpet covered with silver glitter balls. The balls shatter loudly under the stiletto heels. Gracefully but decisively the destruction continues with each step: the fragile, red-and-silver Christmas idyll is broken into a hundred thousand pieces. (Cooling Out-On the Paradox of Feminism, jrp ringier)